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Night Noodle Markets, Sydney

Good Food Month has spread like a wildfire of flavour across the city, with its peak flame burning in Hyde Park, where the Night Noodle Markets are drawing a crowd each evening from 5pm (4pm on weekends). Under a canopy of lit up trees, lanterns and fairy lights, some of the city’s most exciting food joints are pumping out delectable Asian treats to a hungry crowd.

Noodle Markets 1Noodle Markets 11 Noodle Markets 2 Noodle Markets 17

If there is a trend at this year’s Night Noodle Markets, it’s Bao, Bao, Bao. Even Sydney dessert kings Gelato Messina are rockin’ a David Bao-wy at their Lucky Fortune Bar (alongside deep fried ice-cream balls called Great Balls of Fryer – you legends). But the Bao award clearly goes to Mr Bao for their crowd’s fuck-it-I’ll-wait-a-mile-for-this dedication, but their karaage chicken boa with crispy tofu looks worth every tick of line time.

Noodle Markets 14  Noodle Markets 13 Noodle Markets 6

Sydney’s best dumpling joint Din Tai Fun is on point as always, pumping out pork and special edition vegetarian ‘salad’ dumplings, as well as delicious spicy wantons. There are plenty of Korean offerings too, none more popular than the instagrammable Korean twist potato. Indian delights can be had at the Subcontinental & Longrain stand, but my tip for an Indian snack is to approach the line-less Pasar Mallam for a couple of epic melt-in-the-mouth samosas in sweet chili sauce. Japanese cuisine is also scattered throughout the markets, with Everybody Loves Ramen (!!) serving ramen tacos and the Mizuya stall hawking Japanese street food king takoyaki (octopus balls) with cheese sauce.

Noodle Markets 7Noodle Markets 16 Noodle Markets 8

Sydney dentists are about to get rich with the swarms of punters queuing for the sweet-toothed offerings at the markets this year, with Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi having brought New York City’s infamous ‘crack pie’ to the park. Add to that Gelato Messina’s aforementioned Lucky Fortune Bar and Black Star Pastry teaming up with N2 Gelato for a stand selling the former’s beloved strawberry melon cake, and I’d be surprised if this location doesn’t have the highest concentration of sugar highs in the city.

Noodle Markets 5  Noodle Markets 9

Kudos to this year’s Good Food Month curator Myffy Rygby for bringing the best foodie line-up that Hyde Park has seen. In addition to the belly-filling things on offer, there are also multiple fairy-lit bars, Maneki Nekos (Lucky Cats), ping pong tables, and a corporate installation or two (or five). Certainly enough to keep you occupied and your belly satisfied, and certainly a good reason to consider October as a time to come to Sydney. Hadn’t you heard we are a kick-arse food destination? I dare you to disagree.

Noodle Markets 10  Noodle Markets 4

The Night Noodle Markets run until October 25th in Hyde Park, Sydney.

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  1. Love all the pretty lights! And just talking about food has got me hungry!! Looks like a fun night.

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