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Travel Kit: JAPAN

Welcome to Kit. It’s where we’ll be showcasing what we bought on our adventures, what handy and lust-worthy items might make your trip infinitely more enjoyable, or just travel-inspired products that spur on wanderlust.

Just the thought of shopping in Japan makes me feel giddy. Department stores, stationary emporiums, shops full of kawaii gifts, manga-filled bookstores, tea house gift shops. Bring it! And if you’re anything like me, you also like daydreaming about what you might purchase even prior to setting foot in the country. If you can relate, this post is for you. It’s a sample of some of the treasures that I purchased on my trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. A little what and where.

  1. Alcali top from Soffitto in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo
  2. Alcali crossover pants from Soffitto in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo
  3. Calico bag from Hotel Claska in Meguro, Tokyo
  4. Matcha tea set from Iyemon Salon in Kyoto
  5. Shibori fan from Arashiyama, Kyoto
  6. Birkenstocks from Markcity, Shibuya, Tokyo
  7. Camping mug from Kamikochi, Northern Japanese Alps
  8. Stone sunglasses from Piledriver winter sport shop in Takayama

Let us know what you bought and loved from your travels in Japan in the comments below!

Image: David Mayor Photography

Want more? Check out my Wanderlust on Bondi Beach Radio Japan Special featuring interviews from this trip as well as loads of great Japanese tunes!

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