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Cafe Love: Neptune, Kiama

Kiama is a a little coastal township 120 kilometers south of Sydney. It’s easy to bypass it on the way down to the many splendid getaways that lay further down the map, but with the Kiama Coast Walk on the agenda over the summer break, it was time to discover what delights it had to offer…and I was pleasantly surprised, especially when I happened upon Neptune Cafe down on the harbourfront.

Neptune 1 Neptune 7 Neptune 3 Neptune 4 Neptune 8 Neptune 12

Everything about the interiors in this seafaring-themed gem is on point. From images of Neptune’s trident, to old diving helmets, to nautical glass floats and shanty poems inscribed on the window slats. It has books, it has comfy old-world couches, and it also has super friendly staff. The bubbly owner Stephanie was all smiles and helped us decide which nearby beaches are the best for a snorkel or a swim and told us details about the locally sourced coffee.

Neptune 5 Neptune 6 Neptune 2 Neptune 9

But let me tell you about the coffee. The coffee the coffee the coffee. It is a contender for the best mocha I have had in my life. It was creamy, it was delicious, it hit the spot after a night of less-than-comfortable tent sleeping. And the food would rival the coffee. Poached eggs on crunchy toast, roast tomatoes, avocado, sauteed mushrooms, haloumi, avocado, homemade beetroot relish. Do you need me to go on? Thought not.

Neptune 13 Neptune 11  Neptune 14 Neptune 15

And did I mention it was down on the harbourfront (I think I did actually), so the windows look out to the water, the boats, the little peninsula where the famous Kiama blowhole bursts. It was the perfect fuel for Day Two of the Kiama Coast Walk ,which began here and wound along grassy cliffs, pebbly coves and beaches all the way around to Gerringong.

That post is coming soon…


  1. So good – I had the same breakfast w coffee at the weekend. I love this place…I’ve met some wonderful people here 🙂

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