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Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London

Early on a Shoreditch morning, the lobby of the Ace Hotel is simmering with creatives and travellers, drinking coffee, setting up laptops, checking in and out. Vinyl lines the front desk, there’s a photobooth, a fixie bike near the lift, and a mini exhibition by Tokyo-based artist Yu Nagaba in a glass cabinet along the wall. I’ve been looking forward to staying at the Ace almost as much as I’ve been anticipating arriving in London, and I’m immediately smitten.

So imagine my delight when we are granted an early check in and an upgrade. And just as we are settling in, turning on the vintage radio, reclining on the window seat, the door knocks and we are presented with a bottle of champagne for our recent engagement. And then they bring flowers from the florist next door. Did you hear that? THEY BROUGHT US FLOWERS!

It’s often the little touches that make a great hotel. And there were plenty of those – a channel on the in-room radio of stories being read to help you drift off, Camden ales in the fridge, a guitar hanging on the wall. But add to that a super cool bar downstairs with wickedly good cocktails, a cafe that has a special of kimchi and stilton sandwiches (and honeycomb-topped cream-filled donuts!), and acclaimed restaurant Hoi Polloi off the lobby that will make your breakfast. Need I go on?

Ace by name, ace by nature.

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