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PapirØen Street Food, Copenhagen

Whether you consider yourself a culinary traveller or not, PapirØen Street Food is a destination sure to evoke a squee of delight. Situated on PapirØen (Paper Island), which is a short (and I mean very short – around 5 minutes) ferry trip across from the pastel photo paradise that is the streets of Nyhavn, this foodie gem has casual river-side dining figured out.

Copenhagen Street Food is set in two large warehouses with pop-up shipping containers out front, long communal benches, and a row of reclining chairs with views across the river. This is people watching at it’s best. Stake a spot, then duck inside and veer to the right until you find Cocktailbaren for their off-the-hook berry mojitos. You’ll need it to mellow your excitement when you head back inside and start decision tackling the plethora of food stands.

Papiroen bomber jacket girl

Papiroen cocktails and drinks bar Papiroen street food cocktailbaron berry mojito

Skymie indulged his love of Korean food by heading to Bulko for some spicy BBQ vegetarian bibimbap with a side of kimchi, while I braved a huge line to get a middle-eastern pita pocket – which to be honest was a little bland as a veg version and I was left wishing I had gotten the chicken one I had been watching (drooling over) on nearby tables earlier.

Want to listen to a great Copenhagen band while you browse? Here you go!


Inside the atmosphere is bustling and the food and drink choice is overwhelming – but in a good way. Whether you desire falafel or fresh juice, sushi, sweets, pizza or a big fat burger, you will get what you crave – and every stall serves at least one dish for 50 kroner (but don’t get too excited, that’s around AUD $9.50 – Scandi be expensive yo). Also head to the Stormly Rum Bar at the back of the room for some seafaring-inspired tipples if the money factor is stressing you out a little.

Papiroen street food stormly rum barpapiroen street food men river dining

But the reason why PapirØen is a destination to behold even if you are uninterested in food (in which case – are you dead?), is the river-side atmosphere. Dangle your legs over the side, watch the boats idle past and listen to the multi-lingual chatter of the eclectic  punters scattered around.

papiroen street food Phillip Marsden artist

papiroen street food Copenhagen riverside diningBut before you wander off into the Copenhagen afternoon, why not duck inside one more time for a sweet treat? We waited long enough for the crowds to drop down and approached the Sweet Food stall we had been eyeing off earlier, but weren’t able to get near. The reason for the swollen lines? A magnificent Creme Brùle Doughnut complete with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, that you get to have torched to sweet perfection in front of your very eyes. Yup, hold out for that one. 

papiroen street food Copenhagen paper island shipping containers

When you’re suitably stuffed, an amble back into town along Copenhagen’s waterways is recommended – you’ll wander along little bridges, past flower beds, bikes, boats and floating houses accessible by wooden planks. You’ll also see the world’s best restaurant, Rene Redzepi’s Noma along the way. I’d be surprised if you don’t fall in love with Copenhagen – surely one of Europe’s most charming cities and definitely one for the life-lovers bucket list – foodie or not.






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