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Hotel SP34, Copenhagen, Denmark

How does one readjust after a wild, multi-day jaunt in a muddy campsite at Roskilde Music Festival? By checking in to a stylish design hotel, with beds like fluffy clean clouds, of course! It’s about balance, people, b-a-l-a-n-c-e.


I had been daydreaming about shacking up in this hotel, located in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter, long before we arrived in Europe, after spying it in the (essential) Copenhagen Style Guide by Anna Peuckert & Søren Jepsen (of wonderful blog 12 HRS fame). And boy did I think of it when in the dirtier-than-thou campsite at Roskilde (don’t get me wrong, just the 3 1/2 hour set by Neil Young was worth that experience alone – and don’t get me started on PJ Harvey, At the Drive In, Grimes…more on that at another time). So when we showed up at the hotel, probably not looking exactly like the kind of clientele they are used to (I had a red wine stain down the front of my ripped jeans), we were ready to dump our bags, were dying for a shower and craving more than a bit of luxe, which was exactly what we walked into.

Our room wasn’t ready.

Having arrived well before check in (eager? Who, me?) we thought we’d try our luck on an early check in, but when we were shown one room that was ready, and it didn’t have the big beautiful window overlooking the street, we decided to wait it out in the lobby. Really that just gave us the opportunity to lounge around and admire the many design features, all of which were on-point for a Scandi dream hotel – white walls lined with black-and-white prints, textured rugs, a fixie bike on the wall and well crafted wooden booths.


Checking in and taking a victory lap of the room is probably one of the finer moments of this whole trip to Scandinavia. It started to sprinkle outside, which I didn’t care about in the slightest, with no immediate plans to head out into the street. Everything I wanted was right here. I even think these beds would have been like light marshmallows to someone who had not essentially been sleeping on the ground for a few nights (I think Skymie discovered as we packed up our tent he had been sleeping on a can of tuna for a few nights). Needless to say he slept for 16 hours in SP34.

But before we would allow ourselves to completely succumb to the power of the pillow, we showered (which was good for everyone at his point), and headed down to the lobby to sneak an early sitting at the burger bar downstairs, which to Skymie’s (vegetarian) delight, despite being called Cock’s & Cows had a vegan burger special on the menu. This American-style establishment, with teal velvet booths and bright pops of ketchup and mustard bottles, cacti and wooden-paneled walls, was also a cocktail bar. But seriously, Roskilde. We declined any tipples for a tasty juice, despite there being a wall print next to us where even the baby was drinking a Corona – was it mocking us? Ha, kidding. We were just happy to be here.



After the epic aforementioned sleep (hours and hours of dreamless bliss), we sauntered down to the breakfast room. A botanists dream, it was raining trees in and around this wood-filled cafe and restaurant space within the belly of the hotel. Greeted with a Good Morning. It’s Organic. place mat, we wondered if the Universe called ahead for us and requested a detox special. Fruit and cheese, yogurt that oozed berry goodness, light fluffy croissants, coffee to order. Are you picking up the heaven vibe I’m putting down here?


That the last thing I discovered in the hotel was a library room full of Scandinavian design and travel books, kind of made the whole checking out scenario a little difficult. If I was to get Skymie to do a comic about it (coming soon) he would draw me doing a room key tug-of-war with the concierge, sweat exploding from my forehead with the effort to not. leave. the. hotel. ever.


Needless to say you should probably stop by Hotel SP34 if you’re in Copenhagen. And if you do step out of the hotel at some stage, be sure to visit Papirøen Street Food

Do you have a fave Scandinavian hotel? I have a few. But I want to hear about yours, so please leave a comment below!


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