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STAY: Hotel Hotel, Canberra

Staying in a killer hotel can really lift a trip into another realm. An experience in itself, Hotel Hotel in Canberra’s New Acton Nishi precinct did just that. I wanted to move in.

Hotel Hotel Canberra entrance best hotels Australia exterior 2Hotel Hotel Canberra entrance best hotels Australia Katie MayorHotel Hotel New Acton Canberra bike diningHotel Hotel New Acton Canberra hallway

On check-in, we were upgraded by an enthusiastically friendly and helpful concierge. I had been quite keen to check out the colourful ‘Creative Room’ style, but who says no to an upgrade (especially when the larger room included a work space and I had to do a phone interview on arrival with the creative director of Enlighten Festival)!?

Hotel Hotel New Acton Canberra Meandering RoomHotel Hotel New Acton Canberra bed

One thing that strikes you as you walk from lobby to hallway to room is the aesthetics of the materials used – such as concrete and reclaimed timber – which point to the eco sensibilities behind the design. The spacious (if somewhat cavernous) room was a mixture of earthy, Australian (love the Indigenous art), and contemporary with pops of colour in the shaggy stool and hanging light. I did my interview peering out the room window on a central garden that the building wraps around.

Hotel Hotel New Acton Canberra Bondi Beach Radio interview station

We took a few moments to assess the comforts of the room (A+ thanks for asking!) and raced down to the lobby to see about borrowing some of the free fixie bikes to take advantage of the sunny afternoon by riding around Lake Burley Griffin (which I talk about in this post). This lakeside track starts just across the highway from the Hotel (read here: super handy location).

Lake Burley Griffin Canberra bikes katie mayorLake Burley Griffin Canberra bike riding handle bars

As well as being super central, the hotel is in the New Acton Nishi precinct and is therefore nestled among eateries, a gallery, custom bike store, cinema, day spa, and more, and features various sculptures and greenery to enliven the space.

Canberra Mocan and Green Grout Cafe 1

Hotel Hotel Canberra Lobby Katie Mayor 2Hotel Hotel Canberra Library_Hotel Hotel Canberra entrance best hotels couch

Given we were in town for Enlighten Festival, we planned to eat at the Night Noodle Markets and therefore didn’t dine at the acclaimed on-site restaurant Monster Kitchen & Bar (next time!), so we ducked in for a drink there in the early eve instead. I had an Aperol Spritz (with Aperol, Campari and prosecco). It was just what the holiday doctor ordered.

Hotel Hotel CanberraHotel Hotel New Acton Canberra bike lobbyHotel Hotel Canberra Monster restaurant Katie Mayor 2

But let’s not forget that in addition to the look, the features, the location, and the dining and drinking options, a great hotel is also about how well you sleep.

But I can’t remember the sleep, because it was deeeep and sound and when I woke I was deliciously comfy, melting into the bed, the pillow, the sheets. I guess it was good, huh! So, I do call this a great hotel, and one that enhanced the whole visit to Canberra. It was a destination within a destination – and one to which I’ll return. I’ll call ahead for a Spritz.

Hotel Hotel New Acton Canberra Best hotels 2Hotel Hotel New Acton Canberra BathroomHotel Hotel New Acton Canberra Best Australian HotelsHotel Hotel New Acton Canberra Phillip Marsden

For the full post on our Canberra trip, visit Weekend Spin in Canberra: Art, lights, bikes and balloons.


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