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Cafe Love: Cuppa Flower, Waterloo

Little black sesame Totoro cakes are just the tip of the cream-berg at this newish Waterloo cafe, that doubles as a florist and is heavy on kawaii. A short stroll from home, I’ve been to Cuppa Flower for coffee twice already, sitting by the window and jotting down plans for the week. The red velvet cake, sculptured into a icing rose at the summit, was too much temptation on my last visit so I succumbed to this soft, scarlet beauty and realised that this cafe has the goods when it comes to baking skillz and decided that a full brekky visit was in order.

Sydney Cafe Cuppa Flowers Totori CakeSydney Best Cafe Cuppa Flowers hotcakes yumSydney Best Cafe Cuppa Flowers Katie Mayor coffee

A tad nervous about coming on a Sunday (Sydney Instagrammable cafe = lines be cray), to the point where we had nearby back-ups in mind (old fave John Smith Cafe and newer local Portman if you’re interested), we waltzed in like rock stars to the round turquoise outdoor table, next to a heater lamp, and then watched the line start to form a few minutes later…and it got looooong, so we totally fluked it.

Pancakes had already been mentioned earlier in the morning, so with our cravings set, that’s what we ordered. Lucky for us, there were two types on the menu, one a ricotta hotcake stack (for me) and the other more regular pancakes (for Skymie), both with a delicious rock of honeycomb on top and scattered with fruits and cream. The food came fast after ordering as well. My ricotta hotcakes were perfectly light and fluffy, and while I usually get bored of pancakes after a few bites, I polished these off, leaving only a bite for Skymie to taste.

Sydney Best Cafe Cuppa Flowers honeycombSydney Best Cafe Cuppa Flowers orchardSydney Best Cafe Cuppa Flowers ceiling plants

After our plates and coffees were emptied, we turned our attention to the little Totoro cake. The black sesame flavour wasn’t all that strong (fine by me), but the cream again was the star here. Who am I kidding, it was the cute little face and cream belly that we loved, just glad the taste didn’t dissapoint the cuteness. Next time I’ll have the matcha one, being quite fond of the flavour since my trips to Japan.

Sydney Best Cafe Cuppa Flowers flower standSydney Best Cafe Cuppa Flowers hotcakes strawberry swirl 2Sydney Best Cafe Cuppa Flowers plants

We vacated our prime table, probably much or the joy of the waiting crowd (you could almost call it a crowd – by this stage there were at least 15 loitering for tables), took a quick spin inside to look at the flowers, beautiful orchards being the highlight, and went back into the winter day, buzzing from the coffees and with our bellies full.

Sorry little Totoro!

Sydney Best Cafe Cuppa Flowers sorry totori

WHERE: Cuppa Flower, 15 Allen Street,  Waterloo, Sydney

Love the earrings? They are from U.S. label The 2 Bandits.

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    • Aaah, we were practically neighbours! And we definitely wouldn’t have waited long if we didn’t fluke that table! Thanks for the kind words about the photos lovely! x

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