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Wild Spin of the Web {3}

Surf Jack Hotel, Waikiki best hotels honolulu hawaii

A sneak peek into one of the fab hotels I’ve booked into for my upcoming honeymoon, some natural spas to get you planning your next relaxation break, a charming author’s guest cabin, and a retreat in Tasmania to truly get away from it all (but in rustic style), welcome to the next installment of Wild Spin of the Web.

STAY: Surf Jack, Waikiki – I’m endlessly on the lookout for unique, boutique hotels to add some style and comfort to my trips, and this was especially the case when planning my upcoming honeymoon to Hawaii. Sure, Hawaii seems like a cliched choice, but I’ve been itching to get there to experience the natural beauty of Kaua’i, otherwise known as the Garden Isle. But flying in and out of Oahu means a few days in Honolulu, so I was on the lookout for somewhere exciting to stay that doesn’t break the budget (the wedding has already done that, people!). Enter Surf Jack, complete with a pool that is blazoned with Wish You Were Here (also a fave Pink Floyd song!), stylish rooms, cute cafe and restaurant downstairs…you get the picture. I can’t wait!

Surf Jack Hotel, Waikiki best hotels honolulu hawaii

Photo credit: Surf Jack, Waikiki

VISIT: Natural Hot Springs  – I think all this wedding planning is making me feel the need for a good rest, and what better way to wind down than having a soak in some mineral-rich natural hot springs? This article in Australian Traveller 11 natural hot springs of uncommon beauty show some of the most divine examples across Australia, and for some international and instagram-worthy examples, check out 8 hot springs that are equal parts dreamy and rejuvenating in Well + Good.

Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Source: Australian Traveller Magazine

Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Source: Australian Traveller Magazine

STAY: Author’s Cosy Guesthouse – I dream of having a rustic, chic cabin in which to write, and U.S. author Edward Karlow has made his guest cabin in Minneapolis, Minnesota just that. Check it out on Design Sponge, and the great news is, you can also book it on Airbnb!

Author cabin Minnesota Airbnb

Photo credit: Design Sponge

GUIDE: Daylesford, Victoria – Anyone who has been following the blog (you can sign up to the e-newsletter here) will know that I recently had a spectacular winter weekend away in Daylesford, Victoria. And I felt like I visited most of the key spots, but after stumbling on this article in The Design Files which has the tips of author and landscape designer Paul Bangay of what to explore in this beautiful region – spa country actually, there’s a theme here this week – and it’s given me loads of inspo for my next visit there.

Daylesford, Victoria

Lake House, Daylesford. Photo credit: Caitlin Mills for The Design Files

STAY: Captain’s Rest, Tasmania – I’ve clearly been exploring a lot of design websites lately, but they can be a great source of travel inspiration as well! And my heart went aflutter when I stumbled on this idyllic, off-the-beaten-track accommodation option on Design to Inspire, which made me feel calm just by looking at this rustic little abode by the water. In the worlds of Liz Lemon from 30 Rock “I want to go to there”. Bookings can be made here, but me first please!


Photo credit: Captain’s Rest

I hope this post has given you some ideas about where to next seek some chill time. Where is your favourite place to chill out?





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