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Tigerlillys, Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Floating in a pool-side, suspended swing chair, surrounded by lush greenery and thatched-roof cabanas – a menu of tasty food at the ready – is a pretty good recipe for a relaxed holiday stay. When checking in to Tigerlillys, on the southeastern Balinese island of Nusa Lembongan, you are handed a watermelon juice, and then welcomed in to this little island oasis. It’s tempting to pull up a cabana chair, order a fresh coconut, and not leave the premises.

Tigerlilys Nusa Lembongan room 3

Tigerlilys Nusa Lembongan Katie Mayor readTigerlilys Nusa Lembongan best islands bali indonesia food

In addition to being a pretty hip lodging, Tigerlillys is also a restaurant and bar, and probs one of the best ones around. Craving some tasty Indonesian and Asian cuisine? You’re in luck, friend. We especially dug the Vegetarian San Choy Bau with tempe (chicken one also available), the yummy juices like the dairy free ‘Green Machine’, with spinach, avocado, cucumber, papaya and banana topped with chia seeds, and I find it a real challenge to order beyond a banana pancake for brekky when I’m in Bali – they are sooo good, with the slices cooked into the pancake, rather than on top. GIMME!

Tigerlillys definitely provides the kind of menu you could happily peruse every few hours while kicking back by the pool all day. Cup of tea? Sure. Cheeky pizza? (Unfortunately for your healthy eating plan) too easy. Time for a Bintang or a watermelon mint martini? Why do you temp us so?

Tigerlilys Nusa Lembongan settling in pool_Tigerlilys Nusa Lembongan restaurant space chair

The rustic, boho decor (think vintage furniture and bright, mirrored throw pillows) gives the restaurant a relaxed vibe as well. When you feel like changing it up, a stroll down to the fab The Deck is also worth your while. You know, if you want to swap your pool view for an ocean one.

Tigerlilys Nusa Lembongan restaurant area

The room had a comfy, wooden frame bed with a batik bedspread and is surrounded by a mosquito net. A daybed sits by the window, a cosy little reading nook to while away a lazy afternoon, peering out at lush vegetation of palm and frangipani trees. We had an upstairs room with an external staircase, the semi-outdoor bathroom below.

Tigerlilys Nusa Lembongan roomTigerlilys Nusa Lembongan Phillip Marsden reading

Tigerlilys Nusa Lembongan best islands bali indonesia palm trees

Our one complaint was that when booking a Nusa Penida tour through the reception, the operator who came to explain it to us, failed to mention that the snorkeling section of the tour he sold us cost extra. It wasn’t until we returned from the tour that they hit us up for a higher price that we had agreed upon, and the reception staff didn’t back us up when we complained, so we begrudgingly still had to pay it. It put a bit of a dampner on what was an overall good stay.

Also check out the post Bali Island Paradise: Nusa Lembongan for what to get up to on the island.


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