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Wild Spin of the Web {7}


Lokal Hotel, Philadelphia. Photo credit: This Is The Place I Was Telling You About

GUIDE/ STAY – This Is The Place I Was Telling You About 

I have been quietly obsessing over this website and Insta account of late. They are two (very handsome) Texans, R’el Dade and Marcus Lloyd living in New York City, where they visit and document all the best places to eat, drink and stay. Of course I particularly fancy the posts about travel and hotels, including Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia (pictured above). Creates some serious FOMO and draws you like a magnet towards New York and surrounds. If you’re heading to the area, let this site be your compass.


Photo Credit: Fogo Island Inn

STAY – Fogo Island Inn, Canada

I was told about this hotel recently from Fathom co-founder Jeralyn Gerba when she came on my show in Bondi. We were talking about off-the-beaten-track but AMAZING destinations and hotels – I was singing the praises of Fjaerland in Norway and then Jeralyn mentioned this little gem Fogo Island Inn. I’d never even heard of Fogo Island, despite having been to nearby Newfoundland. I wrote it down in my iPhone notes, but only just recently took a look. Wowsers! I absolutely love that someone had the vision to create a hotel so unique (and cool!) in this oh-so-remote locale.


Moore Street General in Austinmer. Photo Credit: Nikki To for The Design Files

TRAVEL – Austinmer and Thirroul

After a pretty expensive (but amazing) wedding in Kiama last year – and our UK wedding party coming up in September, we’ve been a little cash strapped. As such, I’m constantly on the lookout for places for short getaways close to home, so I loved this little feature in The Design Files Austinmer and Thirroul with Domonique Brammah – think it’s time to take a little trip down to those parts. And I love the look of the retro Thirroul Beach Motel!


Photo Credit: Konsta Punkka, Instagram

MEET – Konsta Punkka

Konsta Punkka is a Finnish self-confessed “squirrel whisperer” and taker of insanely beautiful nature photos. I probably don’t even need to tell you about his animal portraits as you have likely already seen some, given he has over 1 million instagram followers. I’m consistently in awe of his patience, his obvious love for the subjects of his images and his technical photography skill. If you don’t yet, you should follow him.


Photo Credit: Saurabh Suryan / Lokesh Dang

VISIT – Feast India Company, Uttar Pradesh, India

India has a new Wes Anderson-inspired restaurant and who cares what they are cooking up, I want to go! The design, by Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio is all flamingo pink with black and white stripes all over the joint. Check out this AWOL article for more.

While we’re on the topic, have you seen Anderson’s newest film Isle of Dogs? SO GOOD!

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