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Roaming the Wild


Marianna Jamadi is one of those intrepid souls that inspires wanderlust through all of her creative endeavours. She is a professional photographer, travel blogger, and co-founder of boutique tour company El Camino Travel. For our first ‘Wild Spin with’ interview, we’ve checked in with Marianna to explore her approach to living and capturing the adventurous life… You travelled the world documenting your adventures through the blog Nomadic Habit – what were some of the most memorable moments of that journey for you? I will never forget my first horse ride which just happened to be in the middle of Mongolia with a nomad. I had to keep pinching myself. Neither of us spoke a common language and he was effortlessly riding his horse while smoking a cigarette while I was hanging on for dear life. The next thing I knew, I wasn’t just riding horses, I was herding his livestock. Here I was, in Central Mongolia with a nomad, on a horse, herding sheep with nothing but land in my view. It was something out …